Case Studies
Bio Pharma Industry
  • Dead end filtration for different products at various stages of upstream and downstream processing.
  • TFF systems for Cell Harvesting , cell clarification & Diafiltration like MAB, Insulin etc.
  • TFF for Blood Plasma Fractionation.
  • Sterile Filtration of Biologicals.
Pharma & Biotech
Pharma & Biotech Industry
  • Complete DSP line for biotech products including Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration & Nanofiltration Systems like antibiotics, enzymes.
  • Candle filtration System for Carbon, Catalyst & product filtration.
  • Membrane & Cartridge Filtration System for API purification & solvent recovery
  • Centrifuge Separator for Broth Clarification.
  • Chromatographic Separation Systems for separation of Peptides and Therapeutics.
  • Chromatographic Separation System for separation of Chiral Compounds.
  • Cartridge and module filtration systems for protein purification.
Chemical Industry
  • Membrane system for Latex concentration.
  • Candle filtration System for solid - liquid separation.
  • Catalyst recovery system after hydrogenation.
  • Membrane Filtration Systems for De-salting and purification of dyes.
  • Membrane Filtration Systems for concentration of effluent stream and water recovery.
  • Press Sack Filter for Solid-Liquid Filtration.
Water Industry
  • Ultrapure Water generation System as per USP 24
  • PWS & WFI Systems.
  • Pretreatment section for RO.
  • Water Recovery System.
Food & Beverages
Food & Beverages Industry
  • Clarification systems of amino acids, organic acids, polyols after fermentation.
  • Microfiltration systems for Clarification of fruit & vegetable Juices .
  • Spirit / Wine Filtration Systems.
  • Concentration / Purification of Gelatin.
  • Filtration of herbal extracts and neutraceuticals.
Automotive Industry
  • UF system for ED paint recovery
  • AAnode cell & Anolyte systems
  • Coolant Filtration / Recovery Systems
  • Oil Degreasing Systems
Dairy Industry
  • Ultrafiltration and Nanofiltration systems for MPC & WPC.
  • Acid / Sweet Whey Concentration
  • Lactose de-ashing and Concentration.
  • RO for effluent water recovery.
R & D / Pilot Scale Studies
R & D / Pilot Scale Studies
  • Labsep C - Crossflow unit & Labsep C - TFF unit for Cross / Tangential flow filtration studies.
  • Labsep D - Constant pressure kit & Labsep D - constant flow kit for dead end filteration process studies.
  • Labsep K - Cake Filtration unit for Cake Filtration studies.
  • Lab scale Membranes / Filter Media with various Constructions, Sizes and MOC.