RO - EDI Technology used to Purify Water

Reverse osmosis is opposite of osmosis process occurs when the water is moved across the membrane against the concentration gradient, from lower concentration to higher concentration.

EDI is a revolutionary technology for the water treatment. It uses demineralization process of electrical regeneration ion exchange instead of traditional demineralization process of mixed ion exchange DI. The resin & selective ion membrane can reach high desalination effect by exchanging the ion.

Using RO - EDI process in combination, we can expect the output water quality up to 10-15 mega ohm.cm.

Our Plant Commonly Includes Following Steps

Raw water pre-treatment Suspended particles & organic substance removal
Water softner in series with automatic regeneration Reduction of Ca & Mg levels
Fine filter Complete removal of suspended particles
SDI Reduction UF Hallow Fibre membranes used for silica reduction and removal of bacteria
RO system Conductivity, TOC & SiO2 removal
EDI Technology Nearly complete reduction of CO2, Cl2 & SiO2
Integrated control & monitoring system Fully automatic operation with online monitoring

Salient Features of our RO+EDI system for purified water are

  • Water quality complying pharmacopoeia standards of GMP & FDA regulation.
  • Modularization, full automatic control.
  • Compact, space-saving, with plug & play skid-mounted construction.
  • Completely Sanitary construction for safety against Microbiological attack.
  • Extreme reduction of the CO2 and SiO2 levels.
  • Excellent reduction of the TOC value.
  • Full functional FAT test in your presence at our factory.
  • Shorter project execution times.


  • Ultrapure water for pharma industries.
  • Purified water for electronics & food industries.
  • Purification & preparation of water for textiles, chemicals, beverages & brewing industries.

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