Cartridge Filtration

We can offer a complete filtration system comprising of Cartridge, Filter housing with all accessories.


  • We can offer both absolute & nominal rated filter cartridges.
  • Micron range from 0.1 to 50 micron sterile filter with complete validation package.
  • MOC: various metallic & polymeric materials like PP, Nylon, PES, PTFE, ALL PTFE *, SS 316 (wire mesh & Powder sintered type).
  • Design available in pleated & graded density structure.
  • End connection: DOE & SOE (CD7) types of end connection.

* Special cartridge offered only by CleaNsep in India used specially for extreme pH condition & sterile air/steam production.

Salient Features of Housing

Cartridge Filtration Systems
  • Single round housing to multi round housing designs available as per ASME BPE & cGMP STD.
  • Special PTFE/PVDF or Hallar Lined Housings for extreme operating conditions.
  • MOC: Right from Sanitary SS-316L up to industrial SS 304 & MS housings are available.
  • Internal finish of 0.2 Ra with Electro-polish & external finish of mirror type.
  • Full functional FAT test in your presence at our factory is offered with all necessary sets of documentations.


  • Particles / rust / stabilizer / fines removal from any gas / liquid stream in both sterile & non-sterile production.