Chromatography Technology

We can offer both Preparative as well as analytical chromatography systems for Pharma / biotech product purification.

Features of HPLC Systems

Chromatography Systems Preparative HPLC System

  • Our analytical HPLC system can handle up to 10ml/mina
  • We have Prep HPLC system which has different size of DAC column with 50mm and 80mm for Lab scale & 100 up to 1000mm for Industrial scale separation and purification.
  • We can also customize your request ID of DAC column. The flow rates offered are from 100ml/min up to 3000ml/min.
  • We can also offer simulated moving bed (SMB) chromatography equipment in purification of alditol, chemical industry, biology and pharmaceutical's molecules.

Typical Analytical Applications

  • General analysis for API molecules
  • Phospholipids in muscles
  • Cholesterol esters in serum
  • Cortisol/cortisone in plasma
  • Mycotoxin residues

Typical Preparative Applications

  • Separation of Chiral compounds
  • Purification of Insuline
  • purification of therapeutic proteins
  • Peptide purification
  • Tocopherols
  • Separation of neutral/polar lipids & FFA
  • Alkaloids, cannabis, Morphins etc
  • Adriamycin, Daunomycin & 13-OH metabolites
  • Indanol derivatives
  • Solvent purification
  • Analgesics
  • Barbiturates