Press Sack Filter
Press Sack Filter Technology

Cleansep offers traditional bag and basket filters with an innovative design. "Press Sack Filter" is a versatile cake filtration unit designed to handle solid-liquid separation for process streams.

The filters are available in different MOC like PP, PES, Nylon, Polyster, PTFE, Glass Fiber, PVDF apart from regular SS grades of 304 & 316/L. These filters are available in different constructions like Pleated, Wiremesh, Sintered etc.

Special coating of organic material like PP, PVDF, Hallar & PTFE on metallic surface of bag filter housing allows us to carry out filtration in extreme pH conditions ( < 1 pH )

Typical applications of Press Sack filter includes

  • Carbon removal systems in API industries.
  • Catalyst filtration in API & Chemical iindustries.
  • Organic & Inorganic Solvent filtration for various applications.

Advantages of Press Sack filter compare to conventional filter press are as below.

  • Trolley mounted, plug & play unit.
  • Filter mechanism thro' pump or by simply gas pressure.
  • Swing unit design of housing enable easy opening & closing of unit so absolutely no down time like sparkler.
  • Non-labour intensive unit.
  • Press fit design of filter bag allow quick mounting & release of sack from the filter housing.
  • PTFE/PVDF/Hallar coating of filter housing for aggressive & acidic slurry.
  • Reusable filter media reduces operating cost.
  • Simple design makes it very much cost competitive compared to filter press.
  • Complete recovery of solid & liquid.