Cleansep Systems - Process Vessels Suppliers

We provide complete MFG lines along with associated piping and accessories for Pharma, Biotech & Bio-Pharma industries in India and across the globe.

While designing we keep in mind the unique requirement of each industry and provide a suitable design from laboratory to commercial scale.

Salient features of Process Vessels

  • Manufacturing Vessel Design as per ASME design with cGMP and / or ASME BPE standards.
  • Sterile process vessels for pharma & biopharma application.
  • Self supported, skid mounted as well as mobile trolley units.
  • MOC: SS 304 / L, SS 316 / L
  • PVDF, PTFE, Hallar coated vessels as per process requirements..
  • Jacket (Plain / Limpet) can be provided optionally.
  • Agitator can be provided optionally.
  • Accessories like Load cell, Level Transmitter, Temperature controller, pH Controller, Conductivity meter can be provide optionally.

Typical Application Areas

  • Storage tanks for purified water & WFI
  • Buffer tanks
  • Hold tanks
  • Pressurized vessel for solvents / sterile products
  • Agitated pressure vessels for various applications
  • Reaction vessels

Process Vessels

Types Of Vessels For Complete Pharma / Biotech Production Line

  • Manufacturing vessels with magnetic mixer or top entry agitator
  • Blending vessel.
  • Harvesting vessel.
  • Media vessel.
  • Buffer vessel.
  • Filling vessel.
  • Filtration or holding vessel
  • Cream/ointment manufacturing plant.
  • Clean in place (CIP) system.
  • Sterilize in place (SIP) system.

Apllication Wise

Complete liquid line with pharma & non-pharma

Pharma Application

  • Lvp -manufacturing
  • Svp -manufacturing
  • Injectables manufacturing
  • Ointment, cream & lotion manufacturing
  • Biotech/biopharma process
  • Upstream & downstream process

Non-Pharma Application

  • Blending vessels for food & dairy industries
  • Colour & flavour blending
  • Oil blending
  • Cosmetic industries

Skid mounted system normally comprises of tank with following accessories :

  • Load cell or level transmitter
  • Bottom entry agitators
  • Do/temperature/conductivity/ph sensors
  • Inline & off-line homogeniser
  • Zero dead leg flush bottom valve with sip port
  • Ultra high shear mixers
  • Sterile vent filter with sipable cartridges
  • Sanitary block valves
  • Sight/light glass