Cleansep Systems - Filter Housing Suppliers

A complete range of sanitary & non-sanitary design, Stainless steel filter Housings is available for wide range of Filter cartridges.

CleaNsep Expertise

We have vast experience of designing Filtration systems / Filter housings for all types filtration products range offered & export it to various countries like USA, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore etc.

Different kinds of filter housings offered by us includes

  • Cartridge filter housings for liquid / Gas Filtration
  • Module filter / Lenticular filter / Disc Filter Housing
  • Pad Filter / Flat sheet Membrane filter Housing
  • Filtration train for in series filtration application
Filter Housing Filter Housing with Hallar Coating

Filter Housing with PVDF LiningMOC : from traditional family of SS Grade SS316L, SS316 & SS304 with PTFE / PVDF / Halar (ECTFE) coating / lining of filter housing for aggressive & acidic slurry.

For sterile application, internal Surfaces are mechanically as well as Electro polish to < 0.2 micron Ra to limit microbial adhesion & provide excellent cleaning.

Special design using swing bolt, quick release clamps make installation of cartridges easy and less labour intensive and reduces downtime.

All housings offered by us are CIP / SIP able.

Housing Type
Cartridge Style / Dia.
No. of
Filter Cartridge
Length of
Filter Cartridge
Flow GPM
Max. Allowed
Press. / Temp.
Sanitary Series
SOE, (226 'O' ring)
1 to 21 5" to 40" Up to 360 10 Bar / 150C
Industrial Series DOE / SOE 1 to 256 10" to 40" Up to 360 10 Bar / 150C
Module Series 12" / 16" Dia. 1 to 3 One high to four high Up to 360 10 Bar / 150C


Pharmaceuticals Pre RO, Bulk Pharmaceuticals chemicals, Rinse water, Active Pharmaceuticals Ingredients
Dairy, Food & Beverages Bottle water, RO Membrane Protection, Diatomaceous Earth or fine carbon trap, Fruit & Vegetable juice Clarification.
Chemicals Polymer Solution, Intermediate Grade Chemicals, Herbicides, Pesticides
Coating Plating, De- Salination Plants, Pulp & Paper, Additives & Process cooling water
Paint Resin Manufactures, Ink , Trade , Architectural paints, Paint & pigment filtration
Oil & Gas Process cooling water