Ultra Filtration System

Ultra Filtration TechnologyUltrafiltration (UF) produces highly profitable, value added products by fractionating various feed streams into one or more new products. We construct UF systems in a unitized design that assures consistent product quality and additional operator benefits including

  • Accessibility of major process components on our UF systems
  • Operator friendly production control console
  • Unique loop design makes it easy to add membrane areas as needed

The Molecular weight cut-off for UF membrane is available from 1000 D up to 300,000 D which covers varieties of species like enzyme, proteins, oil molecules, bacteria etc. Its application range is from typical water filtration up to high end product like Vaccines.

All 4 types of membrane configurations (tubular, Cassette, Hollow fiber & spiral wound) are commonly used for UF applications.

Typical Applications of UF Includes

  • Bioprocessing: Separation and concentration of biologically active components.
  • Concentration of enzymes.
  • Dia-filtration & concentration for bio-therapeutic proteins, vaccines etc.
  • De-pyrogenation of water
  • Production of whey protein concentrates & milk protein concentrates
  • Emulsified Oil treatment in waste management industries.
  • Degreasing chemical recovery and oil separation in automobile & machinery industries.
  • Concentration of gelatin in food industries
  • Concentration/clarification of fruit juices