Microfiltration at Cleansep Systems

Microfiltration is primary used for separation of solid particles which are in suspension or a colloidal form from a solution.

Microfiltration (MF) membranes are used in a broad range of applications in the biotech, bio-pharma, API, food & chemical industries for versatile of applications.

The combination of proper hardware design, along with sophisticated controls, allow for 20-hour product runs and minimal downtime.

We offer MF in ceramic tubular construction as well as in flat sheet (TFF) & Hollow fiber construction. Based on the applications, we select the correct membrane & design a customized system for you.

Microfiltration for Ceramic Membranes

For classical biotech industries we offer mainly ceramic membranes which have unique advantages listed below.

  • Excellent resistant to most of the solvents
  • Can withstand extreme pH (0-14) & temp
  • High thermal stability - Steam sterlisable
  • Extremely long life compare to polymeric membranes

Typical applications of MF Includes

Application of Microfiltration
  • Cell harvesting & clarification for fermentation based products.
  • Case-in purification & defatting of WPC
  • Deashing of starch
  • Preparation of parenterals and sterile water for pharmaceutical industry.
  • Clarification of fruit & vegetable juices.
  • Condensate water recycling