Crossflow Technologies at Cleansep Systems - India
Crossflow Technologies

Cross Flow filtration or TFF systems are terminology used for filtration of molecules using membrane technology. (Based on differential size / molecular weight)

In Cross Flow Filtration, the product to be filtered (FEED) enters tangentially over the membrane surface. The Permeate or Filtrate containing lower MWCO, than chosen membrane size, passes through the membrane. The retentate having higher MWCO, than membrane pore size gets rejected by the membrane.

There are varieties of membranes available in market & each one is suitable for different applications.

There are 3 ways we can classify membranes.

Based on Its Pore Size

  • Microfiltration ( MWCO 1 micron to 0.1 micron)
  • Ultrafiltration ( MWCO 500 KD to 1 KD)
  • Nanofiltration ( MWCO 500 D to 150 D)
  • RO membrane

Based on Its Material of Construction

  • Organic like PES, Polyamide,
    Cellulose Acetate, PVDF etc.
  • Inorganic like ceramic

Based on Construction

  • Flat sheet membrane
  • Tubular membrane
  • Spiral wound membrane
  • Hollow fiber membrane

At CleaNsep we have years of experience on each type of membranes listed above & expertise to select correct membrane & design a process plant to your unique specifications & follow through from order entry to final commissioning to ensure a reliable operation & high profitability.