CIP Systems

Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) is systems used for automatic cleaning and disinfecting without major assembly and disassembly work in food, dairy, pharma & biotech industries.

CleaNsep's CIP systems are best amongst all CIP system available today in market due to its unique design which can make best use of all 3 forms of energies require for the efficient cleaning viz. Thermal energy, Mechanical energy & Kinetic energy.

All parts of the plant coming in contact with the product, such as pipes, tanks, heat exchangers are purged with various cleaning agents, usually water, and acid & alkali solution.

In order to achieve optimum cleaning, the concentration, temperature & flow rate of cleaning agent has to be constantly monitored & held constant with previously defined set point values.

Intelligent CIP system designed by CleaNsep is integration of CIP tank (s), Heat exchanger/Heater, CIP pump, Return Pump, Loop pump (optional), Flow plantes, Chemical Dosing Tanks with pump, monitoring instruments such as PT, TT, Conductivity Transmitter, PLC/HMI based controllers, instruments, piping & valves.

CleaNsep Advantage

  • Reduced Time & Cost of cleaning.
  • Reduced risk of accidental impurities and recontamination from the need to reassemble equipment after it has been sanitized and cleaned.
  • Great saving of utilities like water, chemicals, energy & man power.
  • CIP system ensures improved hygiene and sanitize more effectively than manual cleaning.
  • Sanitary pocketless design with no deadleg.
  • Open construction for easy maintenance.
  • Modular design is versatile and efficient.
  • Many options available to suit specific process requirements.
  • Automation packages available, or integrate with your own control system.
  • Validatable & controlled operation.